Luke Kayyem’s unconventional path to personal and professional success has proven time after time that becoming a great leader in business and in life requires more than conventional strategies. Years of triumph over struggles and challenges fighting against the odds to become successful uncovered to Luke that the challenges he faced would become the training grounds to be an effective leader and that each of us must all grow our mental, physical and emotional mindset to operate at a level that commands extraordinary results. Luke is a charismatic and captivating storyteller who can always find ways to relate his own life experiences with what you may be going through at this exact moment and help you refine your purpose, with passion, and design a life with limitless possibilities. 
 An early adopter of functional fitness, organic whole foods, yoga, meditation, mental training, and LIVE social media have established Luke’s reputation for being RELENTLESS in the game of life and going after anything he believes signifies living his legacy. By creating and designing programs and experiences uncommon in today's society.  Luke is a highly sought after Men’s Life Coach, Executive Leadership Consultant and Keynote speaker. However, his real job begins and ends as a Full-time Father and Husband. “I define my current success through the love of my wife and children and the ability to make each of them laugh deeply every day. The more laughs the more happiness and in return the more success". Luke’s mission to help people and organizations embrace a work ethic and simple philosophy that separates world-class organizations and high-performance leaders from average ordinary people. In his unique and entertaining style, Luke shares his most significant tools designed to overcome life’s most challenging obstacles. His programs are created to accelerate and expand your team, staff and employees absolute growth. Holding each of them to a higher standard through EXTREME ACCOUNTABILITY inside of their mind, body, business, and family while acquiring the skill sets required to achieve sustainable peak performance.