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The FITTEST TRIBE ALIVE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE MASTERMIND is a collection of the world’s greatest philosophies upon which all Personal Success is Built.

Learn the true strategies of the greatest and most successful humans in history, along this 90 day EXTREME ACCOUNTABILITY and PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM designed exclusively for MEN, HUSBANDS and FATHERS ONLY!

In just 90 days you will completely transform your mind, body, heart and spirit breaking through, leveling up and achieving your personal best by applying the tools needed to live an extraordinary life.

Each new day will consist of a Training Assignment designed to push you far enough out on the ledge that you have no choice but to progress and conquer any limits you have ever set.

Each week we will discuss a new subject during our LIVE 90 minute video coaching call. 

By burning the boats and swimming to shore we will face all challenges and overcome any obstacles together.

You will learn how to become a superhero in your own life's movie and become your own greatest raving fan.

True success only comes to those who work hard and work often.

There is no easy way out!

Consistency is the key to prosperity along with constant and continual effort to bridge the gap between good, great and EXTRAORDINARY once and for all.

This private, exclusive and intimate coaching program will give you an advantage over your greatest competition...yourself!

We all have something that is holding us back from achieving extraordinary results.

Maybe you're not happy with your body and you need a healthier way of living.

Or maybe your just not fulfilled, content or satisfied with the work that you spend 80% of your life performing.

Or possibly you just have never figured out how to connect with your kids, make your family a priority or stay madly in love with your wife.

I know your struggle as I have faced the exact same fears as you. 

What you need is the right coach, someone you can trust, a brotherhood of like minded men and the proven tools to defend yourself against temporary defeat.

What else can you expect from this mastermind?

You'll experience:

  • Daily accountability using our 8 ways to SHOW UP productivity tool
  • Weekly LIVE Video Coaching Calls *Always recorded 
  • 9 week personal empowerment templet including the 9 phases of Mastery
  • One-on-one private coaching
  • On demand text accountability
  • A community of leaders to partner with and connect on various projects
  • Inclusion into the Fittest Tribe Alive MASTERMEN Network
  • Exclusive access to all 2017 experiences including the all exclusive Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike

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